Friday, June 6, 2008

They love to pose for the camera!

Aren't those rocks and water pretty?!

Cute Boys!

The water felt so good!


They finally started liking the water

I even got brave!

Tanner loves climbing

Handsome Jaydie!

jayden is getting so good at taking pictures!

They are thinking about it

They aren't sure they like that much water

look at that tanners face!

Jayden got brave

Jayden & I getting ready for the 3D movie

This was a really fun place in St. George. We didn't get to go swimming before we left the hotel so I told the I would take them here to play in the water.

They weren't sure if they wanted to go in there.

So they went to the little streams of water first.

It was such a hot day, it was so refreshing to be by water

We are a bunch of nuts being mixed!

Say "M&M"


Cute Smiles!

Todd and Tanner getting ready for the 3D movie

Todd don't let the alligator eat Tanner! He looks really worried.

Don't let the snake eat him either. Don't worry Tanner, daddy will protect you!

They are having a talk with Tracy the tree.

I told Jayden he could not go in the store unless he got a picture with the M&M. He is scared of people in customs. Aren't I mean!

These were better they weren't alive!

Jayden riding his first cow

Look close you can see the Lions

The Lions den!

More of us!

One of the lions is named after us!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Our cute family!

They are hiding from the big dragon

This is the new best friend

Their other new friend

Bigger then life piano

Our trip to Las Vegas

Caesars palace

The biggest toys store the boys have ever been in

The fish aquarium

I was talking to you Heidi! =)

My cute boys!!

Oops, he was marking his territory, don't tell anyone. =)

Under the stairs in the basement. Future toy room.

Our house!

This is our house a couple weeks ago! They were getting ready to do the stucco.

This is the view of the dinning room and kitchen.

Kitchen and pantry.

Tanners closet.

Jayden & Tanners rooms