Friday, March 28, 2008


Jayden was so scared

Tanner loved them!
Cute daddy and Jayden

Tanner thinks he is suppose to eat the sand.

Pictures from the dinosaur museum

Sexy boy!

More favorites!

Jayden 3 months old

Look at those handsome boys

Diaper boy

Favorite pictures

Ok well I am just going to put up some of my favorite pictures in no particulate order.

Jayden and his flower

Jayden wanted to put Tanner out at our yard sale

Tanner loved his fingers

Jayden reading his scriptures

Jayden and Branton
Best friends

Our wonderful new house!!

It is so fun to be able to see the progress of our house, once they get going they really are fast at getting it up! It use to just be dirt and now we actually have a house on it. I really can see that it could be done before the baby comes and I can have him in our new home! It's so exciting!

The front

Family room Upstairs family room

Master bedroom

Master bath

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

About My boys!!

We now have 2 beautiful boys and another boy on the way. Jayden (4) is the oldest and then we have Tanner(2. Jayden is so smart, he is a lot like his dad. Everyones calls him "mini todd", he love the computer! He likes to draw and play all the preschool games. He has been kicking us off the compute since he was about 3 years old. He absolutely loves his Uncles and cousins. He wants a girlfriend that looks like his cousin Alexa. He also said that Tanners girlfriend should be their cousin Alyssa. He loves babies and is so excited for the new baby to come, he love to talk to him.
Tanner is just in the cutest age right now! I love it! He is still learning how to say all the new words and the way he says them is just so cute, I can't get enough of it. He love his big brother so much he follows him everywhere doing everything he does. He is the biggest copy cat I have ever seen! He loves to dance and show off all his moves. They both love getting their pictures taken, they love cheesing it for the camera. Now Tanner is learning how to play games on the computer, OH NO! His favorite thing to watch and play is Teletubbies. So we have to fight with him to use the computer too.
"Conner?" The unborn baby is now about 5 months prebirth. =) And he is moving around a lot in there, we just can't wait to see him and how cute he will be. It seems impossible to have any cuter boys, but I'm sure he will be sooo cute, how could he not with such a handsome daddy!

So that is my family, I'll keep you updated with things! Thanks for looking!

I'm finally here!

I have been so out of the loop lately, it is time to get back into things. So here is my blog! I will try to keep it updated.