Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Arianna Brook Bentley

I have wanted a girl since the first time I got pregnant. But I got blessed with 3 boys first, and I wouldn't change it for anything! I am so glad that Baby Arianna has 3 big brothers to watch over her as she grows up. They all love her so much right now, they say they will never be mean to her, we will see how long that lasts.

She came two weeks early, she was due on the 22, and she came March 9th.
Jacob was getting set apart for his mission Tuesday march 8th, and that morning I woke up with what I thought where strong braxton hicks. Then throughout the day I would keep getting them, they felt like contractions to me but since they were so far apart and not consistent I just kept brushing it off. But it was kind of making me excited to think that this could be it!
But this couldn't be it, it is bad timing. It's all about Jacob right now, he is being set apart tonight, then leaving for the MTC the next day. I kept having mixed feeling all day, I wanted it to happen but then I didn't cuz I wanted Nancy and my mom and the Girls so be able to be there, and I didn't want to put more stress on Nancy.
Well we decided to stay the night at Nancy's that night so Todd could be with Jacob I little longer. Wednesday morning I work up with really strong contraction at around 5 am, tried to go back to bed got another one around 6. Then Todds alarm went off at 7 saying he had to go to work. I told I wondered if he should stay home, but I just didn't know what to do,if he says home and I don't really start then it was a waste but if he goes and I do start will he make it back in time? plus what if I start now and my labor goes for hours and Nancy and my mom miss it. All this was going through my head and making me crazy. I knew that these were real contractions, cuz I was getting back pain, and I don't have false labor, when I get contraction they are real and I am in labor. But I just kept thinking this can't be happening right now. I was also stressing out cuz I ordered all these really expensive essential oils to use to keep me calm and help with the pain but they were all at home, and we only live 10 mins away but I just didn't want Todd to leave me, and I knew it would take him forever. Oh there was one other thing I was stressing out about, My baby shower was was on Saturday and Heather, Heidi and Nancy spent alot of time and money on it and I didn't want to have to miss it, or have them have to post pone it. So if she was going to come, she had to come now so that I could still go to the shower. So I was really stressing out, which is not what I am suppose to be doing at this time. Anyways well around 7:30 they started getting a lot stronger, and I got nauseated and I went and throw up and at the same time my water broke. So I new for sure this was it! I called my mom and told her she better start coming. ( she was in Las Vegas) Kathleen got there around 8 or 8:30 she got the tub ready for me , and I got in and is was kind of cold so it wasn't very fun, so I told Todd this baby better hurry I don't want to be in here for very long. Then about 15 20 mins after that I had an urge to push and I pushed a little then the next one I said am I suppose to be pushing cuz I can't help it, so I pushed really hard all the sudden I could feel her coming I heard a pop and right out she slid. I was in shock that it happened so fast! I only had 2 really, really hard contractions. I just kept saying thank you baby, thank you!! That morning I was already being a baby and kept telling Todd that I didn't want to go through this pain, and it cuz I knew it was going to get worse and go for a long time. But it never got to unbearable, Arianna was just in a hurry to see her uncle Jacob before he left.

Here is Arianna clapping for joy that she got to she Jacob before he left.

She came at 9:30 am on March 9th. Heather missed it by 5 mins, and my mom missed it by about 4 hours. But I am so glad she came when she did and was so nice to make everything so easy and fast.