Friday, May 29, 2009

We had a fun a memorial day. It started Sunday with going to visit Grandma & Grandpa Williams grave sites, the whole Family went, it was fun being rained on. Then on Monday we went to the Bentley's memorial day party at Buffy's, that was really fun! Then we went hiking up ensigns peak, that was great exercise! We then we to Tom and Christens for a little while and watched Dead zone. It was fun being with family and friends. Hope everyone else had a good Holiday!

Saturday, May 23, 2009


So I have never put up pictures of our finish house. So here are a few picture of the main floor.

Front of house
View of the back yard

So this is the entry way.

The Living room

This is the kitchen. Love it!!

Another view of the kitchen

Dinning room view

Family room
Update on our house is that we are in the prosses of selling it since Todd lost his job at the begining of this year. We are renting it out until we get a buyer. So we have moved in with Nancy. She and her family our so nice to have let us take over their theater room. It is plenty big for our family, and it is so fun being here. Thanks Nancy!
We are going to miss our big house but we loved the time we got to live there and if Todd had not lost his job we would still be there. We are looking forward to buying another house in a 10 -12 months hopefully! We are mostly going to miss the ward there. We really liked the ward, they were the friendlest ward we have been in. So we will miss them. But all in all we are happy with our life right now and are looking foward to the future.


These are very old now, but better late then never right? So the boys had a fun Easter. Their baskets were full of toys, gogurts, mickey mouse and Winnie the pooh ravioli, and pop. They loved it!