Thursday, April 2, 2009

April Fools day!!

So this was the funnest April fools day ever. Every year I try and think of ways to get Todd but can never think of anything good. Well this year I had a few to play on him. Ok so I started off the day with bringing him a boiled egg, but when he cracked it open it wasn't really boiled, so it kind of made a mess. Then I said ok I really did make you breakfast and brought him a sandwich but in the middle was wax paper, he just pulled it out and kept eating, didn't say anything about it. I told him he should of hid the paper and pretended to have eaten it. Then I waited awhile till about 2:00 I snuck out of the house and moved our mercides down the street and left the garage open. Then I asked him to show me something in the garage. We went out there and he was like "why is the garage opened, they took the car, oh man I was going to call them today." (Ok so the story behind that is that we haven't been able to pay the car payment and we knew they were coming for it soon, so I new I could get away with this without todd really freaking out. So then todd was saying "I'm glad to get that out of our hair." Then I snuck out again to bring it back, a couple hours later he came downstairs and I told I needed him to go get something out of the van for me. So after he went out I fallowed him, and he was like "hahaha". He could see the car was back. That was so good. I really didn't think he would have believed that they really came and got it, he was like they prabably have like a universal remote to open the garages. Oh it was so fun.), Then while he was downstairs I ran upstairs for the few seconds i had till he was back up there, and I swiched his mouse botton so the right click was the left click now. It only took him 2 seconds to relize what i had done but it was still fun. Then I made the bed so that the top sheet was tucked into the top of the bed then folded it over so it was like a normal sheet, So when he tried to get in he couldn't get his legs in. (hope that made sence). Anyways that was really fun for me. No pictures though sorry. Happy April!