Thursday, August 6, 2009

Gaby's B-day


Natalie said...

cute page! It wouldn't load so I clicked on full screen and it took me to scrapblog page, then I could see it. In case I forgot to tell you, you can save as the pages as jpeg then just upload it straight to your blog.
How are you guys doing in Iowa, (is that where you are?) I hope you are having fun!!!

Mrs Nancy said...

I miss you guys! Gaby babies party was fun! and he is such a adorable grandson! Tell him I love him!

Heidi AND Brian, said...

Great page! I couldn't see it at first either and then I was going to leave a comment that I couldn't see it, but then I read Nat's post and realized that I could see it full screen. And I love it! Love the cute pictures too! (Sorry if that doesn't make any sense. I'm up late again, so I'm out of if :D )